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    Default HTC Surround working on Bell network?

    I just bought a new HTC Surround off my brother. Originally working on the Telus network, I had it unlocked and switched SIM cards from my old Blackberry. After calling Bell and having my Data plan switched from Blackberry to PDA, the phone can make calls and text no problem but I'm not getting any Data. The guy on the phone did all he could but since they don't really service phones they don't sell he directed me to the internet.

    So here I am. Does anyone know how to set up the Surround to work on the bell network? Any programming that needs to be done to the phone perhaps? Please let me know!

    I'm new to forums so correct me if I've done something wrong like repeated something that's already been asked for example.

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    Default HTC Surround working on Bell network

    Hey,Bought a second hand htc hero locked to orange. It was previously on contract but has run out so i bought the handset. I put a brand new orange sim card in it, but its saying no network coverage, emergency call only.Anyone have any ideas of whats wrong, ive googled it but there seems to be lots of mixed replies and problems?May have to take it into the orange shop tomorrow, how helpful are they etc?
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