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    Default Help with Tethering Self-Deactivation

    Hi Everyone,

    One of the phones we are using for tethering is the Windows HTC 8S. We thought we had a problem with the phone as the tethering would constantly be cutting off on its own, however, after taking note of the small message on the tethering screen, it states that...

    "If the tethering has not been used for a few minutes, the phone will disable tethering..."

    You only have to be reading/writing emails for a couple of minutes and by the time you have pressed send, the tethering has already stopped itself through lack of transfer of data, as you can imagine this happens all the time, even if you take a few minutes to read a web page for example. Especially dangerous when completing online forms which require you to maintain a connection.

    Is there a way we can disable the "Tethering Self Deactivating" feature?

    If not, has anybody found a workaround experiencing this same issue?Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.Kind Regards,


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    Yes, it deactivates after 5 min of no data transfer... But i don't have such problem after update....
    There is no way to stop auto deactivation..

    What you can do is set any mail client to auto update after every 2-3 minutes.. This will keep ur connection active... And stops 4m auto deactivation (best add n email address which u don't use much.. In that way not much of ur cellular data would be used)





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