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    Question Htc 8x won't turn on - tried 'button reboot' - didn't work, help!! Ty

    I'm having a HUGE problem with my ~4 month old HTC 8X (WHICH I LOVE BTW)!!!

    It has been working great up until yesterday, when I just went to plug it into the charger...I noticed the light didn't come on, so I unplugged it and tried my husband's charger (thinking, perhaps it was a '«HARGER' problem.....same thing, NO LIGHT!)

    I began investigating the problem, which I've noticed, several people have had the same problem??!! I tried the 'BUTTON RESET/REBOOT', which didn't work for me. That was the only solution I came across everywhere I looked.

    Please help, I'll try anything....I really love this phone - it's a nice step-up from my HTC SURROUND, which I also really liked. ANYBODY, PLEASE HELP....and THANK YOU!!!!

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