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    Default Flashing ROM after updating to windows10

    I have update my htc8x phone to win10 build via windows insider program. There was a problem with the update and my phone got bricked. I started getting a blue screen with the message
    Your PC/device needs to be repaired
    The boot configuration data file is missing some required information
    File: \BCD
    Error code: 0x000000034

    I gave my phone to the service center here to flash ROM and got a reply from them saying that once the phone has been updated, it cannot be flashed with a lower version of the OS and the only way to do it is to change the mother board.
    I just want to know whether this is actually true that you cant flash it with an image of lower version once updated to higher one? And why did htc come up with such a limitation!

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    hi, i have met the same problem last month, maybe my method can help you please email me




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