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    Default Accidentally Enabling Airplane Mode While on Calls

    So the first few days I had my phone my calls were being dropped. I figured out I was accidentally enabling airplane mode which immediately disconnects the call that I am on.

    Apparently what is happening is the sensor that blacks out the screen while on a call is allowing the screen to come back on. At that point my EAR is hitting top of the screen which allows the Android Status Bar to display. While it's being displayed there is a gear icon (settings) in the top right corner. My ear will hit that button which takes the screen to the settings page. The first setting on the page is "Airplane mode." My ear is swiping that feature ON which disconnects my calls.

    Wow! Is there a way to disable the status bar while on calls? I've tested the sensor using my hand and it seems to react properly. I'm not sure what's causing it to activate on its own other than me slightly moving and giving it enough light or space.

    Any suggestions?




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