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    Default Photo Albums conventions

    I have thousands of photos in my "camera shots" album and it takes long time to process this album every time I open it. So I'd like to do a bit arrangement.

    I found that they are all stored in /sdcard/DCIM/100MEDIA

    I created two test folders as /sdcard/DCIM/100MEDIA/test1 as well /sdcard/DCIM/test2 and moved some photos inside them, but the photos are still shown inside "camera shots" album. So I think I have to create folders outside /sdcard/DCIM

    I would create album folders inside "/sdcard/My Pictures" but I'm afraid that might get used by some apps. I'm wondering if there's any good practice or convention where to put my personal albums and how to name them. Is there a "home" folder or *user space* just like when we are inside Linux?

    I mean, in Linux, it's strongly recommended to avoid creating personal folders inside directories like /usr, /var, etc because they are reserved to the system. Anything like this in Android (since it's based on Linux as well)?




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