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    Default A9s wouldn't cast the screen in any way, even using Chromecast.

    Hi everyone,

    As I didn't find the specific A9s forum, I'm posting here.
    When I'm trying to connect via screen mirroring to my Sony TV Bravia, the phone screen does appear on the tv but the phone hangs after some time and I have to restart it. I tried several times. As I couldn't get it to work properly, after few tries I decided to buy Chromecast... but when I did it, another problem came up - each time I was trying to connect and cast the screen via Chromecast it said 'screen cast is not optimised for your device' and it wouldn't show the phone screen content on tv, however it does work when I'm trying to cast single pictures via gallery i.e
    I tried to get the latest software for the phone but looks like there won't be any more updates for it.

    any clues, hints?
    thanks for any help

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    Default A9s wouldnt cast the screen in any way even using Chromecast

    I can get the menu while in fullscreen right click, but I do not know how to use the mouse to get out of the full screen you can see the menu but it wont work?




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