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    Default Exchange ActiveSync and internal or self-signed certificates failures

    This seems Android-specific but not specific to a particular phone.

    HTC phones using Android supposedly let you use ActiveSync with secured Exchange 2003 servers and later, and some phones will allow you to continue if the server's certificate isn't trusted or is self-signed. But some phones will not, providing only a "cancel" button when you attempt to check the connection.

    By comparison, an iPhone works, providing a warning and a Continue button.

    The behaviour of the phone seems to vary from carrier to carrier. Some carriers permit their phones to continue on a certificate problem, where others don't. Some carrier permit adding additional certificate authorities or self-signed certificates, where others don't. Carriers whose phones don't have told me to go climb a tree.

    I'm also not sure if server names like "" work as intended. This works on iPhone, and at least HTC Android phones attempt to connect and recognize a certificate problem.

    For the phones that do not permit adding new CAs or allowing ActiveSync to continue on a cert failure, is it a matter of getting a certificate from a CA that the phone recognizes?

    And speaking of certs, sites that offer 802.11 wireless but use EAP to authenticate don't work without a recognized CA either. There is a certificate management section in the wireless settings, but no way to add any new CAs. There is a "New Certificate" option, but it is competely blank. What's it expecting me to do? And would adding a CA here somehow work with other things like ActiveSync?



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