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    Default Butterfly S Phone Will not go on

    I have problems with an HTC Butterfly S that i recently purchased from a second hand source.
    the phone came intact but still had a lot of the previous users information and other things on it so in trying to format and erase all the data, it for some reason got stuck after the htc start up screen and stayed there for a while. i knew something had gone wrong so i decided to reboot or attempt to reboot it. from here, its been failing to go on. iv tried holding in the power button for 10seconds but it just vibrates and thats it. also tried the resetting it by holding in the volume down button and power but still nothing.
    the only tiime it is responsive is when i connect it to a charger anddo the same volume down+power button for about a minute. what happens here is a battery with a lightening bolt appears on the screen but still nothing from there.
    Assistance will be highly appreciated.




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