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    Angry HTC ChaCha battery life less than 6 hours - Dialler component uses 49% of battery

    The battery life on HTC ChaCha is appalling, less than 6 hours of moderate usage.
    Wifi, GPS, bluetooth disabled.

    If I look a battery usage is shows the Dialler component uses 49% of battery after receiving a call.
    A quick internet search shows a lot of HTC Gingerbread (OS2.3.3) users are experiencing the same problem.
    Issue 17383 - android - Dialer stuck in partial wakelock - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting
    Battery readings since 2.3.3 Update & Dialer? - Android Forums
    [Q] battery life of chacha [Archive] - xda-developers
    I have tired some of the recommendations:
    In Settings -> Sound -> Disable Quiet ring on pickup, pocket mode and flip for speaker.
    Enable & or disable - Blue tooth
    Install software OTA update 1.18.401.1
    And I still have the problem. I have reproted to HTC today.

    HTC ChaCha Product Support

    Any other tips or advice appreciated.


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    I Bot HTC Chacha phone just 2 weeks back, im facing the same problem. the battery/phone is So bad its stays alive for 12-14hours from the time its fully charge. please note i have stopped/blocked all apps from running in the background and also have switched off WiFi, Internet connectivity of any sort.. i only use it for SMS and Call (minimal usage).. and it comes only for 12 hours.. Max.. very poor performance and a Bad phone. if i keep it idle it comes for 20 hours..!

    Why is HTC marketing such bad phone? they should replace all our phone with better one or get things working work us..!!
    or aleast Address our problem and give solution to this battery issue.
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    I have a HTC Rhyme and I am facing the same problem with battery life. I also have switched off all internet connections, my power mode is on economy, screen brightness is low. My phone can be fully charged before I go to sleep at night, then I don't touch it at all during the night and the battery will be drained in the 7 hours that I am asleep.
    It says that Dialler is using most of my battery - what is Dialler??
    My phone is under warranty and I can send my battery away for it to be looked at, but it means I will be without my phone for however long it takes for them to look at it and decide what to do, which is very inconvenient.
    Has anyone found any way of getting around this problem? Even if they send me a new battery, is the same thing going to happen again?

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    Default possible fix

    disable these settings in settings>sound
    quite mode on pickup
    pocket mode
    flip for speaker

    enable usb debugging in settings>applications>development
    and re charge ur battery and then see if the problem continues. if it does.... well.. root and tinker




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