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    Default Updating of Android Version

    Hi there

    I've had my trusty Desire HD for around 6 years now and I absolutely love it. However, it's now reached the point where the current versions of many Apps (Facebook, Whattsapp, local taxi Apps etc) cannot be installed on the device as the operating system is too old.

    I'm running Android v2.3.5 and am seemingly not able to find an update to this when I select the auto-update feature on the device.

    So, is it that the Desire HD won't run anything later than v2.3.5 or do I need to do something a bit more technical than simply trying to update the OS from the device itself?

    I really don't want to change from using my Desire HD but the ever-increasing number of Apps that I can't properly use, or in some cases use at all, is now becoming a major problem.

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best wishes




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