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    Default Switch to 2G network from 3G option

    My network service provider has given me a plan in which 2G network is by default activated and I am also taking 3G plan on top of it. For normal use i want to use 2G network and in special cases where i need speed I want to use 3G network. Is there any option in the phone where i can switch to any network ( 2G or 3G) as per my need ? or switch off complete mobile network when not needed ?

    for example at present If i am accessing network using 2G network and speed is not good enough can i switch to 3G network ? and once my work is done can i switch back to 2 G or completely turn off mobile network ?

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    Hope I understand what you ask. I always have my phone switched to 2G, because 3G eats my battery. when I want to switch between 2G and 3G I do the following:
    Go into settings, then tap on Mobile date (on the left, not on the on or off on the right).
    Then tap on Network mode (mine shows GSM only underneath it), this means 2G is selected. I then tap on GSM/WCDMA auto, then 3G or higher will be enabled. Close settings, on top left should be 3G or H, instead of E (E is Edge which is also 2G)
    You do the same to switch back to 2G (GSM only)

    Hope it helps



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