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    Unhappy Phone sumtimes rings through speaker sumtimes not while on headphones

    Hi, i am a newbie and 2 days i purchased HTC DESIRE X.
    While i am on headphones if i receive a call i am able to here ring tone through headphones only not through handset speaker. But strange thing is sometimes while on headphone both handset speaker as well as headphones gives the incoming call notification is heard (both places it rings)

    Mostly i leave my headphones plugged in to handset but sum times i don't wear the headphones. So most of the times i miss the call because it rings only through headphones or i have to keep the headphones on my ears continuously. Is there any option so that every time during incoming call the handset speaker rings even if headphones are plugged in. I doubt is it a bug, or my my phone is having problem. please dear members if any one facing same problem please reply




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