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    Unhappy SD Card Not Mounted/Mounting

    I've had the HTC Desire X for 4 days now (I've upgraded from a Desire S). I have moved my micro SD card from my previous phone to this one and it has been fine. I've had all the photos and things I had on my old phone.

    However today when I went to txt on it it had the message "SD Card unmounted unexpectedly, please insert again and remount". I went to the settings>storage> and then tried to remount, but all the options under Storage Card are greyed out.

    ~I tried to take it out again put it in again.
    ~I have turned it on and off
    ~I have un-installed the things I downloaded onto it.
    ~I have reset it.~I've also done a factory reset
    ~I've tried to sync it via my laptop

    Would the problem be with my SD card, or the phone itself? There isn't anything I can think of that would have made any change for it to suddenly not be mounted.

    ANY HELP would be GREATLY appreciated! It was already a hassle getting it from the shop I went too...





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