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    Question High Data Usage by "Android OS"

    Hi, I just my new Desire X this week. I have not used the phone much but the Data Usage shows that Android OS has taken about 900MB only in this week. I have restricted Background data, set all updates to wifi only and didn't set up the email or facebook accounts. I use my phone data only for Whatsapp, Youtube and Internet. But whatever I use in these apps, shows up under that app's name in data usage. All of them have not even crossed 100MB. I have checked the forums and applied all the settings recommended except rooting my phone. I want to know, why is Android OS eating up so much data when I don't even have any back up settings on. Also, what exactly is using the data under the name of Android OS? Please help me. I have only 2GB data every month and I have never crossed even 1GB with Youtube and Mail accounts and whatever background settings on.

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    Dear frnd,

    Im using from last month, From past month, Im using internet. But its not consumed 600MB till now.

    Better check out ur apps. go to usage menu n check for multiple usage option. U can find them easily which eats up your valuable data...~



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