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    Default 3 little questions

    Hello members. Im new here.

    I bought a new HTC desire x and i I have a few little questions about this phone.

    1. When I connect the charger to the phone and I'm doing something with it my LED light is flashes orange and green. What it mean?

    2. When I'm using HTC browser, during scroll www down or up, all time black bar with options, is turning on. How can I turn off it?

    3. If I turned on any program and Im trying to turn off it I have to push a back button many times or push home button. But when Im do it, my program runs continuously in the background?

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    1. I dint observe these flashes

    2. The option will enable when u touch the screen while browsing, this will automatically go off, its normal I think so. it happens in my phone also.

    3. U need to go to Settings --> Apps --> Running --> select required apps to stop --> Press stop.

    I hope, I could help u.




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