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    Default My HTC Earphones gave problems when plugged in a desktop pc. Why?

    I usually use 2.1 speakers for my pc. In the recent past, i got a couple of problems with my HTC Earphones. Once when I plugged in my earphones in my desktop pc to listen to some music, it gave heat inflaming my ears. I didnt consider it serious and later on when I used it to talk to someone on my phone call, the MIC didnt work. It stopped working. I put it for replacement as it was under warranty.

    I got it replaced with a new one.

    In the recent past, I once plugged it in my desktop pc to talk to a friend on a video call. It gave the same problem again. This time it hit the bass function of my earphones. When I listened to some high bass music, the earphone gave the feeble music track without any bass effect. My earphone bass effect got disabled.

    I put it again for replacement and got a new one.

    Is it just a coincidence or is it like I should never plugin the phone earphones in a desktop pc?

    When we plugin the earphones in a desktop pc, will it be prone for all such problems?




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