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    Default desire x (android 4.1.1) no SIM error

    tl;dr; no SIM error (apparently caused by sd card,) is there a fix other than system reset?

    android 4.1.1
    sense 4+
    software 2.20.401.5
    sdk api 4.65

    some time ago my phone started reporting that the SIM card was inserted incorrectly.
    removing and reinserting the card would fix the problem.
    this was the only problem, all the other features including other modes of connection worked fine.
    then resinserting the SIM stopped fixing the problem.
    i had to resort to restarting the phone to get it to recognise the SIM.
    i thought it was, perhaps, that the SIM was broken so i asked my provider (BT) for a new one.
    (despite having a 24-hour replacement SLA it took 7 attempts and over a month to do this.)
    the new SIM made no difference.

    reading around the internet i find that there is a known problem whereby an update to android corrupts the SD.
    i've replaced my SD card and formatted/erased it several times but the problem persists.

    with the SD card in, the phone will not recognise the SIM at all.

    without an SD card setting the phone to flight mode, restarting and then turning flight mode off will nearly always allow the phone to connect to the network, if you do this before it's finished restarting.
    after ten or so minutes it will go to zero bars, though, and lose connection.
    on turning flight mode on and off the phone will report that there is no SIM card inserted.
    you then have to repeat restarting it.

    i wouldn't mind, but my partner is geting increasingly annoyed at not being able to contact me at the exact moment she needs to.

    i contacted HTC via the livechat app.
    this wasn't the most satisfactory encounter.
    the operative seemed to be working from a script containing three items.
    the first item "have you restarted it?" was crossed out.
    which was lucky, because had he asked me that i would have shouted at him.
    (or typed very firmly indeed, at least.)
    the second item was "have you reset it to factory defaults?"
    the third item was "arrange a repair."

    as ever, you can't get to item three without going through item two.
    (i suspect that if you lie they'll reset it as soon as they receive it anyway.)

    the above convinces me that this is a pure software problem.
    i am mostly convinced that resetting the phone will cure it.

    i have two concerns, though.

    firstly, a system reset is akin to tearing all the pages out of your notebook and throwing them away.
    i'm rather fond of my text messages and call history.
    i'm also at the boss level of swordigo, and don't want to play through it again just yet.
    nuking from orbit should be a last resort, not your only option.
    i asked the htc operative about exporting user settings and he said it was not possible.
    is that really the case?
    android is linux, right?
    if i were to dig hard enough everything is just a file, and files are endlessly copy- and editable.
    is there a way to save user settings? how?

    secondly, if i do bite the bullet and delete all my user settings, if this is due to a problem with android won't it recur?
    if i buy another desire x will the same problem happen with that one, too?
    and with any other android phone?
    is this fixed in an upgrade to android?
    how can i get my phone to update?
    can i go to 4.2?

    many thanks for your time,
    mr s.




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