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    Default inserting lock screen PIN with no keyboard

    apologies if this has been asked before. I have searched this forum, but I can't find the exact answer I need.

    Usually, I unlock my screen with a PIN - four digits then hit 'return'.
    But my keyboard app has stopped working - it won't even appear on the screen - so when I swipe the ringpull I see the request to put in the PIN, but I can't because there's no keyboard, which means I can't get in to re-enable the keyboard app. I'm locked out and going round in circles.

    any advice?

    fwiw, Google Now voice recognition comes up, and that will let me put in the four digits for the PIN, but I can't put in the 'return' because there's still no keyboard.

    any advice much appreciated


    E David

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    When you think of an optimizer app, you think of easy-to-use interfaces with large icons and even animation. While LEO Privacy Guard offers just that, it does need some more work on the main page as it doesn't provide you with any animation or visual effects.




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