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    Default Very bizarre problem with unlock pattern, touch screen

    This is happening on an HTC Desire Z (A7272) with Android 2.3.3. I bought it new and it has worked great for over 3 years. A few days ago I was unable to input the pattern to unlock my phone. It wasn’t that I was putting in the wrong code or anything. The problem is as my finger slides over the pattern “buttons” the bottom three buttons don’t register. It is not that the bottom portion of the touchscreen is dead. It shows a green line connecting to the tip of my finger through the button. It just won’t turn the button green (or red for that matter).

    I performed a complete factory reset. It didn’t fix the problem. The only way for me to unlock it is to slide the keyboard out and have the pattern screen turn sideways. Or save a new pattern that doesn't use the bottom three buttons. It then allows me to input the pattern. I took a photo of what is happening and attached it to this post. It shows that my finger has slid from the top center button, through the center button and over the bottom button. You can see the green line there, but the button itself doesn’t register it. I have also recalibrated the touchscreen after the factory reset. I’m out of ideas. There was no obvious cause of damage or anything (like dropping it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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