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    Exclamation Problem with touchscreen.The screen is working but the touch wont work :(

    So as I mentioned.On my Desire Z the screen itself works and I see everything normally but the touch function won't work
    After succsefull root I noticed that something has changed on the bootloader Phone information:

    Vision PVT SHIP S-OFF
    Oct 11 2010,20:10:38

    I noticed that the touch panel-synt0101 is missing becouse everyone had it.Could this be a hardware problem? I have some problems with my battery( its pretty old and won't last long ) before rooting everything was ok but I followed every step and didn't make a mistake but if it is a software problem does anybody know how to solve it? Oh yeah, I returned it to the original stock rom but it still won't work Please if anybody know anything, any information would help.




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