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    Default Sos! Need to recover my deleted messages

    Hello dears,

    Hope everything goes well with you.

    I am a new user and strongly need your help.

    My device is HTC DESIRE / Android 2.2. After turning on my device, I faced with no messages!!!!!! Automatically they were deleted!!!!!!!!

    Please help me how to recover them. For your information, many many messages are strongly vital for me (vital information).

    I appreciate your help and support.

    Best wishes,


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    To recover your deleted messages from HTC phone, first connect your HTC phone to computer via usb cable. Here, you can use a third-party program to scan your HTC phone. If the deleted messages can be scanned out, you can get them back easily.
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    Actually, when you perform a "Delete" order on your mobile phone, and you see that message have been removed from the phone, but actually, the messages are just disappeared seemingly and it is still located in the original place until you import a new data to overwrite them. Therefore, you can ask help from a professional yet easy-to-use HTC Message Recovery software to achieve your goal. That is also why MobiKin HTC Message Recovery is here. With it, you can simply conduct a scanning on your HTC mobile phone and find the deleted and existing files on your HTC phone, then display them in the program in the form of folder. So that you can view the text conversation and mark the one you wish to restore in a quick way.
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