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    Default Htc desire 626 LCD+screen replacement problem

    Hello Htc forums!

    Today I've received my Htc desire 626 LCD+screen to replace the old broken one. I had smaller problems like gluing the new screen and such. Still, I have succeeded to put everything back in it's place. When I try to start the phone it just vibrates for a second like every time you turn it on but nothing appears on the screen. I am also sure I put all the connectors back together correctly. I also tried the previous LCD and it actually turned on and went full white, but that's also everything, nothing else appeared on the screen except "whiteness". I also need to mention that I've been left with a small metal piece which I have no idea where it fell from -

    So would any of you fellow HTC-ers know anything about this problem? Did I do something wrong? I can also post photos if it helps.

    Thank you in advance,





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