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    Default Upgrade from the DNA, or not...?

    I have a Droid DNA which I love, but the other day I stepped on it and fractured the screen. So now I am faced with the decision to either have the screen replaced for $170, buy a new screen and replace it myself (doable, but not easy) for $85, or transfer my wife's upgrade to me and upgrade to a new, different phone for anywhere between $199 - $349. Considering how much I love my DNA, it is going to take a LOT to convince me to upgrade right now. However, there are definitely people out there with more knowledge than me about current smart phones, so I welcome your input.

    My question is this: Are there any phones out there right now that are so far and above superior to my DNA, that I should consider upgrading?

    When I bought my DNA, it was still HTC's flagship device, but you know how the cell phone market works. Buy a phone today, and tomorrow there's something better out there. I'm considering the HTC One, HTC One Max, Samsung Galaxy 3, or Galaxy 4. What are your thoughts? I am leaning toward replacing the screen.




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