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    Default Caller name id call history not storing CID

    Is anyone else having issues in the Call History with non contacts calling and the phone storing the CALLER NAME ID information from the carrier in the Call History?

    This previously worked prior to the latest major software upgrade. For example. When someone called me, someone not in my phonebook, the phone would show JOHN DOE 555-555-1234. Then in the call history of the phone it would show JOHN DOE 555-555-1234. Well now when the phone rings it shows JOHN DOE 555-555-1234 but in the call history it shows (Unavailable) 555-555-1234. If you miss a call, decline a call, etc. there is no way to see the CALLER NAME again.

    Very irritating. I pay $2.99 a month for this feature and it would be nice for my phone to work right. Currently running 3.06.605.4.

    HTC support told Verizon it was a hardware problem so Verizon replaced the phone. I got the new phone and it had the older version of software, so I tested the CALLER NAME and it worked like it should. It stored JOHN DOE in the call history. I updated the phone to the latest software (because it kept popping up asking to update/install) and it did not store the JOHN DOE but merely (Unavailable)



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