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    Default Outlook Sync - Am I missing something?

    Ok the fact that I am the first one to past anything under this amazes me and scares me!

    I just got a Droid Eris--love the phone but am trying to figure out how to get Outlook to sync. In the settings under
    Data synchronization there is an option "PC outlook contacts and Calendar" Even plugged in it doesn't seem to allow the sync now to work. What is up with this?

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    I am looking to buy HTC One, but HTC says that the Notes section within each Contact in outlook will not sync with the phone. As per HTC, only contacts created on the phone can Sync back to outlook (seems very stupid to me). Can anyone confirm this please as this is very important feature for me. I have lots of details inside each contact under notes, some more than 2000 characters, on my outlook and I need this to be available on my phone. It has been working well with my HTC sansation which is now 2 years old so I thought I should upgrade. But if HTC One doesnt allow this, I wont be buying it. I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 but can not get to Sync with Outlook using Samsung Kies, wasted more than 5 days now.




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