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    Default Since update phone is JUNK!!!

    Since the update my phone is slower then ever. SMS barely works. WTF happened? anybody know

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    My Eris runs fantastic after the MR4 update. No more silent calls. I'm a happy camper.

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    My phone is worthless now after the update. I bought this phone last year when it was still running 1.5 and never had problems with it. After the update this phone has become a fancy paperweight.

    Trackball scrolls to the left on its own.

    Text messaging is unbelievably slow.

    Phone lags like crazy at random. Either texting, calling, receiving calls, navigating menus, etc.

    I will receive a call sometimes and the screen becomes unresponsive. Vice versa when trying to make calls at times.

    Honestly if I were ever in an emergency situation this phone would fail me miserably.

    I have never been so disappointed with any electronic device.

    Thanks for sticking me in a 2 year contract with Verizon and a bricked phone.

    Oh and please don't tell me to do a factory reset, soft reset, clear caches, etc. etc. That's all been done. Multiple times. I am on my second Eris after warrantying the first one out. Same problems on both phones. It's the software update that bricked this phone plain and simple.

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    Default Since update phone is JUNK

    Ok they did deleted the posts that i revisited his record.. ok so since i can't post their the problems Gunny do you have the same problems above ?




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