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    Default Need recommendation for STURDY Eris Case

    Hi all! This is my first post to the forum, so please excuse my ignorance as I figure out how to do this. I am looking for a ridiculously sturdy case for the Eris. I have found some awesome cases, but none that are quite right, as of yet.

    I just bought a used Eris for my Dad, who is an electrician by trade. He spends a lot of time doing repairs in tight spaces (i.e. attics and crawl spaces), and sometimes drops his phone or gets it wet... all of the especially big "no-nos" for someone with a smart phone. He has asked me to find a case/cover/etc. that has a front to it so the screen doesn't get smashed. He does not want a belt clip on the case, (it just gets in the way), as he needs to be able to keep the phone in his pocket.

    I've mostly focused on the commuter and impact otterbox cases, because they seem sturdy. I was thinking I could get one of those cases for the back and sides of the Eris, and a second case (leather? Something waterproof?) to fit over the first and create a protective layer for the screen. I know the impact gets in the way of the screen turning on, however, so I'm wondering if the commuter does the same thing?

    Another option is buying the bulky clear box from the otterbox 2000 series, which houses the phone securely and with water resistance, but oh my goodness, would that fit in ANYONE'S pocket??? I don't think so!

    Do YOU GUYS have any suggestions??? Maybe a case you know of for the Eris that does cover the front as well as back and sides. Maybe a frame case that covers the back and sides without hindering the sensor on the front of the phone? Then I could put that frame case in a leather carrying case.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts. I so appreciate your help!




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