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    Angry Need some help or insight please..charging issue

    Hi everyone, newb here and have a question regarding my DINC... I've had this phone for just over a year (approx. 14 months) and ever since I got it, I've charged by two different methods.. 1) when at home, use the factory supplied AC charger, and 2) while at work, I have been using my scosche fm transmitter w/usb port... I usually have to charge my phone by 10am (comes off charger at 6:30, I use my phone A LOT while at work), up until about a week ago, the fm xmitter charged it just fine, but all of the sudden I'm getting the "incompatible charging device" alert and it quits charging...

    Now I realize this wouldn't be recommended to use by HTC, but my question is why all of the sudden would it start acting up when its worked all this time?? Should I be thinking its the phone/battery or the xmitter?? the output of said device is 5v 1amp... now, I can charge it off of a belkin dc adapter just fine, but its only 500ma and takes FOREVER to charge the phone...

    Also, I have checked my batt. temp when I get that error and its never been above 107*. Any ideas or input is greatly appreciated.




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