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    Default Htc dosen't recieve sms when it should

    Hello i'm having some problems with my HTC Incredible S. I have the newest software update. My problem is that if i for example if a friend of mine sends me a message at 21.00 then i get it at 21.20 (different from time to time) and in the text message it says that i got it 21.00 but really i got it 21.20. So the thing is that i get my text messages slow. I have tried to reset my phone to factory default but diden't work.

    Any Ideas?


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    Hi, i'm having the same problem, i have contacted the network ( Orange ) they have so far sent me a text message update, which did nothing, got me to disconnect from there network and reconnect, again nothing. They've just sent me a new sim card and there is still a delay. Ive just e mailed HTC direct, no answer yet. What nework are you on?




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