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    Post Dinc 2.3.4 root..please help

    Hey, Im new to this forum. It would be great if someone could give me a solid answer because im just confusing myself more by reading all these posts about rooting.

    I have a Droid Inc. Version 2.3.4 and when I hboot I have an S-ON. The phone was not previously rooted. I have uninstalled HTC sync on the comp and phone. I have tried the unrevoked program, and i get the error message "Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new? "

    I just want someone with experience to give me a truthful answer. Can i root my phone, or am i stuck untill unrevoked comes out with a fix.

    This is the info on the hboot menue

    Incredible xc ship s-on hboot-0.92.000 microp-0417 touch panel-atmel224_16ab radio- jul 23 2010

    If i can not root my phone in the current state then My final question is can root if do a factory reset

    Thanks so much for the help guys. Reading through all these websites was giving me a lot of false info, so im excited to get some reliable sources
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    I came here looking for answers as well.. As it turns out, I have the exact same model and information that you posted and I too am trying to root it... I found a couple of things online, but they haven't panned out yet... I have tried to downgrade my 2.3.4 ota to the 2.3.3 as I have read that 2.3.4 cannot be rooted... So off I went spending hours researching how to do it and attempting to apply any and all. I have tried the Hack-vivow... as it turns out, I may not be able to do it because my HBoot is .92 and Hack-vivow is for .98 or .97.. I dunno... but like you, I will like a straight answer...

    Also, is offering a rooting solution for most htc phones.. I tried it, but it deals with having to work with sdk's and such..I followed the directions as best as I understood them, but didn't get very far... I am going to try it again... I hope it works.. if it does, I will let you know.

    I often wondered about the factory reset... because then it can be rooted if it is downgraded...

    best of luck to the both of us



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