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Thread: Camera is impressive but battery life......

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    Default Camera is impressive but battery life......

    Well.. last month I planned a trip to visit my sister. I’ve heard a lot about EVO camera and I just had one borrowed from my friend…so I thought this would be a perfect time to do a small review of the Evo.

    Here is what I experienced with the Evo 4G. Please bear in mind that my focus was to have fun and not make this as an in-depth review of the phone.
    Coverage: Sprint's maps says that on our area but it has almost complete 4G coverage. The tests from different part of the vicinity only shows mostly 3G connectivity. And if it does show 4G, I don't notice any obvious change in speed.
    I prefer Google Navigation which I think is excellent then Sprint's because of the satellite viewing while navigating... even better than the capability of full-fledged navigation devices…

    There were a few times that google navigation would give a longer/slower route, but so does all other GPS devices. Over all, I'm pretty impressed with Google Navigation.

    I have to admit that this camera is a lot impressive. It won't replace a regular point and shoot camera. But this camera is excellent for internet viewing. Reduce the size to 25% of it's original size and almost all it's image quality issues will be greatly reduced.

    About Battery life... The battery didn't last long for me, yes I did put brightness to auto-brightness, turned off 4G, GPS and wifi When I wasn't using them. It barely lasted 3 hours, good thing I got my MPJ 5200 mAh extended power bank. I didn't notice any major difference between the OEM battery and the extended battery.

    Again notice that my focus is to have fun and try my new phone camera. My battery after second charge held out till we got back home, with me posting on FB. Overall, I have not too much to complain about, I just found some solutions to my issues. The only solution I haven't found yet, is the 4G coverage. From Sprint's map, it says we're fully covered, but as I go from place to place, the 4G coverage was spotty at best.
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    Thanks for great little review! I agree about the camera and the battery. Exactly! My main issue is with syncing. I am unable to sync with my PC running winXP 8. My computer does not recognize phone. I have htc sync on phone and on computer and sync manager etc all to no avail. I have been searching and reading this forum...rarely finding anything within the last 30 days. the device..hope to get my music on it eventually. Feel free to write me back!

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    Totally agree with your opinion but evo was tucked in my drawer.

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    Default Camera is impressive but battery life

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