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    Hi everyone, I just bought a HTC Car V100 second hand. It should work perfectly the seller said. But I have no manual for it so I can't deal with some things. Someone could tell me where can I download a manual for it? Or someone could load up one? My problem is the phone disconnects the speaker afer a few minutes. But just in the car. It seems (for me!) if the wifi is on and searching, disconnects the thing. If it does I have to turn off the bluetooth on the phone turn off the speaker than back again both and than the two thing connect again. Sometimes I have to search with the phone the device and pair them again. But when I tried at home and in work it was on all day and work perfectly! Because is sacond hand I have no manual for it. I tried to press some buttons on the speaker and now I cant use the woice dialing neither. I dont want to throw in the bin but if I cant work out what is the problem I will. I have a HTC OneS phone and so fare I'm satisfied with the HTC. I vould be wery pleasd if someone could help me to solve this problem. Thx. Peter




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