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    Default "Connected to WiFi" and "Location found" notifications

    I've had the HTC 10 on Verizon for several weeks and keep getting the "Connected to WiFi" and "Location found" notifications over and over; I can only swipe away the "Connected to WiFi" notification (which can pop up DOZENS of times per day) but can't disable it anywhere, and sometimes can't swipe away the "Location found" notification and am seeing nowhere to disable it without disabling location services, which just causes more problems (it's not a solution).

    Two Verizon phone tech people gave me every excuse in the book before admitting they're nonsense notifications that we should be allowed to disable, but on the Nougat version of the HTC 10 Verizon, the behavior is the same. The in-store knucklehead I spoke with today gave me a lot of bad information including saying I could just install a "patch" to fix the issue without understanding that it requires unlocking the bootloader through S-OFF and Root... which is not a feasible security risk for me right now.

    Can someone explain how their HTC 10 works with these notifications? Especially if you have a non-Verizon version. There was a previously forced notification for "WiFi Networks Available" that I couldn't disable until Android 6 Marshmallow, but it's not the same as these other two (don't ask me about the HTC BoomSound notification which I can't de-prioritize to the bottom), and the Nexus/Pixel phones have never forced these notifications on me when I've tested them or at least had the option to disable them.

    Oh, and from what I'm reading, HTC is saying that Verizon requested the customization to not be able to turn these off, but Verizon reps and forum "experts" randomly tell me that it's the manufacturer causing the issue (or that it's not an issue or that it's for my own good).
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