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    Angry Desire 530 Being Weird

    About 5 months ago my Desire 530 seemed to crash entirely, it would not turn on by using the power button and by close inspection you could see that the screen was dimly lit. I let the battery die before deciding to throw it out.
    After allowing the battery to die I plugged in the charging cable and left it to charge all day, the screen stayed off, no notifications to say it was charging, nothing. I thought it was dead. After a quick search I found that holding down the Volume - and power button simultaneously for a bit put the phone into reboot, this worked and my phone turned on and I successfully navigated through the boot menu to get back into my phone. After this happened the phone no longer detects when it is plugged into a computer, it only detects the charge (This is mutual for the computer as the computer itself does not recognize or acknowledge the phone).

    So currently, my phone works fine, but if the battery goes flat I have to leave the phone to charge for 10 minutes or so and put it into reboot to turn it on. The power button alone will not turn it on. The phone will not reboot with the charging cable plugged in, I have to unplug that. And if I plug it in to charge while it's rebooting it finishes the reboot process and turns off, thus forcing me to repeat the reboot process.

    My biggest fuss is not the whole reboot problem but rather the USB connectivity not working, I'd really like to get these photos off my phone and put some music on it but so far all the threads I've seen regarding faulty USB connectivity have not helped me at all.

    So my question is: What do I do to fix this?




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