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    Default HTC U Ultra - several questions: Headphone adapter flawed, second display, Android 8

    Hi everyone,

    sorry i am new to this place. Actually i like my new HTC U Ultra 128 but it also raises some questions to me:

    • Most important the headphone adapter is flawed. When i use it - i can only have phone calls using the regular speaker or put them on loudspeaker - there is no option to put a regular call on my headphones (using the adapter) while using the regular device mic. Strangely with Whatsapp this works flawless. Any ideas?
    • Usage of the second screen is kind a gimmicky. Arent there any apps or something that makes more use of the second screen than those few preinstalled things ?
    • Android 8 - shouldnt the update be live already since some time? Still waiting for my phone to recognize an update :/

    Thanks for your feedback - i hope there are some other ppl using the phone here.




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