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    Talking HTC Virus? Files changed to .MENC without a reason

    I think I got virus in my HTC HD2 or something but it started behaving weird, and sent me many errors. It created so many files without a reason and seems that encript some without any advise, the option for encription was not selected. Is a HD2 from T-mobile that comes with some movies and it encripted the two of them, so many pictures and more.
    I decided to hard reset and now all my pictures and files I had in my Memory card are encrypted. The phone is OK now, but i tought the hard reset would set the memory card in a brand new position ( I mean like I got it as brand new ) and the only thing that it did is set the phone OK and the memory card was left with encripted files and the movie files lost.
    I deleted all menc files ( i don't know if that is OK or not ), the phone works great now but wish my memory card was exactly as I received when I bought it. can I download those contents?
    And it was a virus on my phone what created all that crap??

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    Olvert: I don't have an answer, but can confirm that i have the same problem, and I lost all of the files that had the menc designation. I got into the habit of transferring the photos from the phone to a pc--but i can't seem to transfer videos. any advice to either of these issues would be appreciated.

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    As far as a virus: That is highly unlikely. So far, there are no recorded viruses for Windows Mobile. There are a few Anti-Virus programs available; but they only consume resources & aren't nesseccary. I am not sure what caused the files to become encrypted. Are you sure that you did not activate it at some point (even by accident)? Did you install any programs or tweaks that could have possibly activated the encryption option.

    As for the .menc files: These are part of the encryption system. They are nessecary to allow the device to read the encrypted files. A new system certificate is created when a hard reset is performed & even the device is then unable to read the encrypted files. There are a few programs that claim to be able to decrypt these files, but as I have never tested this; I cannot comment on effectiveness. If you google "Decrypt WinMo files" you will see a list of software available. One such program is found at: You can read more about the WinMo encryption system @:

    As far as the files that are contained on the card when new: I do not know of anywhere that has them directly for download. You may be able to find a copy on one of the torrent sites. You could also try going to your local T-Mo store & ask them if they would be willing to transfer the files from one of the cards they have in stock. I woulf reformat the card before transferring all the files over.
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    I guess someone might have Hacked your Device or maybe it's just a VIRUS. Whatever it is, LEO Privacy Guard can Protect you from these issues. Give it a try.




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