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    Default Handset Freeze - Connectivity Issue - Remove Battery

    I've had my handset for several months without issue, but recently it has developed a fault that requires near constant restarts.

    -Power button will not work, battery needs to be removed to restart.
    -Data connection hangs/fails
    -Tiles that require a data connection do not load but instead return to home screen.
    -Texts and emails are viewable but anything sent/deleted is not actioned and back to normal after reboot.

    HTC HD7
    7.8 Mango
    Original network 02 (unlocked)
    New network EE (Orange)
    WiFi - UK Virgin Media

    Anyone else experiencing same/similar issues?

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    For anyone experiencing issues i'm convinced it's something to do with connecting to my broadband router.
    Virgin SuperHub 1

    I know it's not VOIP but maybe there is a connection...
    Virgin Media ‘Super’ hub – new firmware causing problems with SIP devices – Autumn/Winter 2013 –
    Software Version "V2.38.01"
    Hardware Version 2.00

    Plugging into the mains causes it too, does the handset do anything when plugged in to charge? What actions does it take? Maybe connect to WiFi continually rather than battery save mode where it disconnects and reconnects as power button is used?




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