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    EDIT: Now, my phone literally won't do ANYTHING except for the orange light that still lights up when it's plugged in. And I left it plugged in overnight.

    So I have had my HTC Hero since about November of 2009. It was working fine this morning (well, what you can call "fine" for this piece of crap). I was using it throughout the day as I normally would. Then while I was out, the battery started to die. I let it get to 5% before finally shutting it off. It was off for about an hour and when I got home, I went to turn it on. I plugged it into the wall charger and it immediately began booting up my phone like normal. The orange light came on, indicating that it's charging. It went through the usual opening screens that accompany booting up then once it hit my lock screen, the display shut off. Thinking the screen just timed out, I didn't think much of it. A few minutes later, I went to use it and it proceeded to boot up. Again. The same thing happened the second time, then the third time, and the sixth time and the tenth time. It goes through the boot screens, then shuts off again. I have tried unplugging my phone, leaving it charging, taking out the battery, everything I can think of. The orange light still stays on while it's plugged in, but the phone isn't actually ON. WTF is happening with my phone?? I would like to avoid having to hard reset my phone, but if that's my only other option, then I guess I have no choice in the matter.

    Additional info: I have never rooted my phone or anything like that, no water damage, and this has never happened before with a dead battery. It's always booted up with no problems.
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