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    Default Contact not syncing with google account

    Its not all the time one checks this, but I have realized that my contacts are not syncing since for 4 weeks.
    HTC says that there is an app which stops it syncing, anybody know what else the problem is...?

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    This is happening with mine, too. I just added a new contact, and got a funny popup warning me that it would only sync when connected by a cable. I don't remember the actual wording, and I can't get it to happen again. Anyway, I did connect it to my Macbook via USB, and did a sync, but the new contact wasn't anywhere I could find there. Previously, when I added a new contact, it would appear in my google Contacts list within a minute or so. It's been several days now, and the new contact isn't known to google Contacts. I don't find any setting that controls this. Anyone know how to fix it?



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