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    Unhappy Home Screens emptied out

    Has anyone recently seen their "Home" screen (all 3 of them) suddenly empty of all the apps and groups of apps that you had there? This includes 4 of the 5 things that were along the bottom. The only thing left is the square of 9 dots that gets the list of apps.

    This happened to me a couple of days ago, and I'm wondering: 1) Is there a way to recover it, and 2) What might have caused it?

    There are a bunch of other changes that happened about the same time. One is that the leftmost of the 3 screens isn't quite empty; it contains a title "Highlights" that was never there (or anywhere else) before, with the messages "NO CONTENT" and "PULL DOWN TO REFRESH" in the center. There is no app installed with a name like "Highlights", and I haven't installed anything new for several months. It has a menu at the upper left that seems like some sort of news accumulator, but it only has a few of the "usual" news sources, and they all seem to think I want to hear mostly about various dumb media celebrities. My previous links to assorted tech/science news sites have all evaporated.

    One of the effects seems to be that, after a few hours of not much happening, suddenly my battery will be zeroed out and the phone will be very hot. When I recharge it a bit, I can see a whole string of "notification" icons across the top that are mostly dumb celebrity news stories. So I'm guessing it's that "Highlights" thing eating up the battery. But another funny thing is that if I use Settings ->Power -> Battery usage, it shows no apps at all, just Android System, Cell standby and Phone idle times. So the app(s) doing all this are truly anonymous, and don't provide any clue that I can see that would let me track them down and uninstall them.

    I'm seriously wondering whether my machine has been "pwned" and I should erase everything and re-install from scratch. But the "Highlights" thing seems to really be yet another misguided attempt to keep me entertained, not something that wants to take over my machine for nefarious purposes. (But I could be wrong.)

    Anyone have any clues? Google and htcforums search don't seem to know about it.

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    Default Home Screens emptied out

    I think we will be third and morley 2nd.We are now going through what others went through earlier in the season.....lots and lots of players out.



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