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    Default Anyone know how to disable the growing "silly celebrity" news junk?

    I'm another one seriously trashing my HTC ONE M9, due to the growing pile of "silly celebrity" junk-news stuff that filling it up. I don't really care to read about the Kardashians, and I especially don't appreciate seeing my bandwidth soaked up by such junk so-called news. I figured out how to disable BlinkFeed, but it just jumped to another app, and after disabling that one, to another. It's infecting the browsers I've installed, mostly because I need them to test that web sites I'm working on come up readable on the common browsers, so it's not practical to disable all my installed browsers. Anyone know what's really driving all this junk? Is there a way to turn it off permanently? In a recent vacation, I found that after 2 days, it had eaten all my "mobile data" bandwidth, and was still downloading junk news stuff although I was totally blocked from using it as an ordinary cell phone. So during that trip, the "news" stuff effectively disabled any real use of the gadget.



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