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    Default Re:Htc One M9 software

    Hello all, purchased a New HTC M9 last June as I needed the FM radio as i work in a factory where internet radio is hit and miss.
    I purchased it to replace a broken HTC One M9.

    Problem, called HTC to check if I had a Fake mobile, found out that the phone through the IMEI number was ok, but, the Software was a Mish-Mash.

    So, cannot download and install updates and Bluetooth turns on and off at will.

    Emptied the Cache etc in Bluetooth settings, still occurs.

    Question(s) 1- Is there a way i can install the Proper software on my HTC??
    2- Any ideas about Bluetooth??

    Bluetooth Probably tied in with the software problem.

    Otherwise, the phone works ok.

    Thanks, Gep




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