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    Default HTC One Mini Two - Water Damage

    I have an HTC One Mini Two that was partially submerged in standing water. I don't know how long it was in the water, but it could've been anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. After taking it out of the water, I had to make a few calls (We were stranded while kayaking) and then went to turn it off. I attempted to hold down the power button to bring the "Power off" screen up, but the screen was flashing on and off intermittently and made the task impossible. Eventually the screen wouldnt turn on, but the phone was still responsive. I received a phone call and two texts. While the screen wouldn't come on, I was able to 'reset' the phone by holding the power button and the volume up button. This brought up the HTC splash screen, Vodaphone startup video, and got all the way to seeing my wallpaper and "Preparing SIM". After I saw "Preparing Sim" the screen shut off, but the phone was responsive. I had to leave the phone on until it died later last night.

    Today after 12 hours in brown rice I plugged my phone in and got the "Battery Charging" screen on my phone, but the LED light was flashing orange, not solid orange like when it normally charges. After a few minutes on the charger, the screen changed to "Battery with Exclamation Point". At that point I unplugged the phone and put it back in the rice.

    Im hoping to get some knowledgeable information so I can see what my options are. Is a repair possible or do I need to figure out getting a new phone? Any tricks I can try? Thanks for your help, Cheers.




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