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    Default Bad phone One M7, bad warranty sercives! Do not buy it!

    I have the phone- HTC One M7, from 1 year and 8 months. About 3 months it was in HTC services. I bought this phone with nonworking camera. After 1 month of repair from HTC, the phone was returned to me with new camera, but the phone was broken! I returned to service and after two months it was exchanged with new one. Again bad phone- the new one have a defective battery, it drains with one percentage per minute. The camera works, but the pictures have a purple colors. Now, when the charge comes about 25 percentage, the phone turns off with direct dark screen, without notification! I sent it again to HTC and they said: "there is no problem". This was my first phone from HTC and will be the last. I bought most expensive phone from HTC in 2013 year! It all happened in the original, authorized service- HTC and I have a service protocols for all of your "repairs".
    Go on HTC and you will disappear! You can delete this post, no problem, I have written many reviews on other sites with this story.




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