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    Default HTC M10 latest Android 8 update

    So yet another update that has caused me issues.

    Usually nothing more than the inconvenience of having to reset a theme or reinstall an app.

    This time though with the update to Android 8 Bluetooth no longer works. It will find, pair, and connect to any of my devices for approximately 30 seconds before disconnecting, it then reconnects for 30 seconds before disconnecting. It will happily do that all day long.

    So now I cant use my phone in my car which pretty much makes it useless. I've had to dig out my old M9 with custom ROM.

    I've trawled all the forums and tried all the 'fixes' but nothing works. So today I messaged HTC support and after 10 mins the only advice was a factory reset.

    So HTC put out an update that breaks my phone and all they can do is tell me to do something that will see me spending a day reinstalling everything.

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