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    Default U11 activation on AT & T

    I cannot fathom that I am the virgin case for this issue. Purchased a new U11 phone directly from HTC. Go to activate it on my existing AT & T plan. Get a new sim card for the U11 phone. Leave the store and then discover that while I can send and receive calls, I cannot send and receive messages (messages don't display) and the mobile data is disconnected. Call AT & T and they say since phone wasn't purchased from AT & T, their system isn't recognizing the phone or IMEI #.
    Call HTC and their customer service wants me to do a factory reset after I have transferrred all apps, contacts, messages and other info from old phone to U11 phone. Are you frickin' kidding me?

    There must be an easier way to avoid that POSSIBLE solution. No guarantee from HTC that their proposal will work.

    Anyone else having problems getting their U11 phone set-up?


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    I popped my prepaid att card out of my old device and into my U11 and it worked right away. Didn't even tell anything to att ...can't understand why you would have an issue




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