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    Default 1. language 2. address contacts not keep new contact 3. email notification

    I have 3 questions.
    thanks in advance for your help.

    Model: sensation

    Trying to figure these out but have not been able to.
    Called my operator but could not help.
    I brought the phone from USA to Europe.

    I had the same phone with a slight earlier version prior to this one.

    1. how can I put a language on the phone to be able to write and have correctio, Portuguese? Now has English and Spanish.
    2. I transfers with desktop sync manager all contacts and emails which I did not need. I am not able to add contacts. I write them but when i go look for the contact it is not there.
    3. how can I shut off the email notification. seems to only allow to shut all notifications off, not individually.

    thanks again,




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