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    Default Vibration not working after screen change

    ANy phones techs in the house?

    Need you guys help. I'm using HTC Sensation Xe. The other day i dropped my phone. The touch screen begin giving prob afterwords. (moves automatically and doesn't responds to my instructions) . So i gave to this shop. He told me must change the screen and it will cost bout 2++ ( Malaysian ringgit) . I agreed. When collecting, he charged me 350 giving bullshit reasons. I just wanted my phone back so i paid. After home i realized the vibration not working. I gave him again..

    Now he telling the vibration cannot do, its the prob with the motherboard n stuff. Doesn't make sense as even tough the touch pad spoilt after dropping, the vibration still worked.

    Anyone here can help explain what might have gone wrong? I think the technician skrewed it up some way. Need advice..



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