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    Default Urgent!! Xe grey screen! Hellpp!!

    hi guys! I have an extremely irritating problem with my xe; its screen suddenly turned grey L

    And I am lost as to how to go about solving it. My screen went grey all of a sudden and has remained grey for over a week now despite me rebooting it several times by taking the battery out and inserting it again, it still remains grey. The last time I used it was fully functional, a slightly less responsive than usual, but it was working. I then placed it, carefully, as I only recently got it, pressed the lock key and placed it into the side pocket of my bag.
    I did not drop it or have it anywhere near any heat or water so it canít have been caused by anything of that nature. It physically looks fine, no cracks or anything that could have caused the screen to turn grey and when I turn it on, although the screen is grey, I can hear the chime and also my message tones when I receive any messages. Infact, if I press it in a particular way, in a particular place, the screen occasionally does come on. But when I press the lock key or release my hold, it turns back to grey. I have taken it to phone shops and the
    Immediately say it is the lcd screen that needs replacing, and they quote a price of ordering and installing it of around £50 which is way more than I want to pay, I mean I am only at college! And I donít know if they say it because it genuinely is the lcd that needs replacing or because they just want to take as much off of me as they can without it actually being necessary.
    So I turn to you all! My fellow xe users pleeeeasseeee help me, resond as a matter of urgency as I would really appreciate it as I have been locked out of my phone for tooooo long!!!
    P.S. if it is the lcd that needs replacing, is it more viable if I buy one off ebay (if so, what exactly would I have to buy? And how would I know if its genuine and how do I know if the seller is trustworthy?), and if so, what would the expected price be of a legit and affordable one?
    Any alternative solutions are all welcome
    Thanks for your help!! J

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    Are you sure it is not Battery issue? How old is this Battery?

    Try to give some packing (with folded paper) at the bottom end of battery so its contact with phone points is strengthened.




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